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Can The Broadband Infrastructure Plan Close The Digital Divide?

On June 2, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings hosted a webinar to discuss the Biden administration’s broadband infrastructure proposal.

Vice President Harris Addresses The Importance of Broadband

VP Harris stresses importance of broadband access in N.H. April 21 visit, explaining why "It's really essential"

Don’t Trap People In Broadband Slow Lane


Boston Herald Editorial, July 11, 2021


Although Republicans recoiled when President Joe Biden unveiled his sweeping infrastructure plan in March, a bipartisan group of senators has thrown its support behind one of the less conventional ideas in the package: making a massive investment in broadband networks.


But as crucial as these networks are to the 21st century economy, it’s not just the amount Congress spends that matters. It’s making sure the money is spent the right way. And there’s a split among lawmakers over whether to just help telecom companies extend broadband to the 21 million or more Americans with no access to it — largely but not exclusively in rural and remote areas — or to also upgrade areas with substandard service.


At issue too is how to provide broadband to the millions of Americans who can’t afford it.        (Read more here)

Massive Public Spending Still Hasn't Solved The Rural Internet Access Problem


By Rick Barrett and Kelli Arseneau, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Published 7:03 AM EDT Jul. 14, 2021 Updated 2:25 PM EDT Aug. 11, 2021


Six years ago, Jeff Hallstrand's home in Price County appeared close to finally receiving a much-needed boost in internet service.

The federal government had announced that more than 129,000 homes and small businesses across rural Wisconsin were eligible for an upgrade under a $330 million grant awarded to broadband provider CenturyLink.

Hallstrand, a county supervisor, had worked for 30 years for CenturyLink and another internet company before branching out to start his own engineering business.   (Read more here)

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