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Independent 4-1-1

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Independent 4-1-1 provides a forum where rural and independent broadband providers can share ideas and exchange information. 

Questions you have about an operational, marketing, finance, or regulatory issues may likely be questions that others have - and they could be questions to which another company may have an answer.

An operational or marketing idea that your company developed could be of great value to others in the industry. 


Please use the the post boxes below to raise questions, or to provide responses, ideas and proposals for joint efforts that could benefit your company and others.  If you prefer to have your submission posted anonymously, transmit it by email to:

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Covid:  Office Practices Recommendations

Have you considered whether the policies your company adopts (or fails to adopt) could lead to liability issues (e.g., an employee or customer who suffers loss resulting from Covid contracted after company-related exposure to an unmasked or unvaccinated employee)?


Has your company established a written set of in-office policies regarding vaccinations, COVID-testing, and working from home arrangements? The entire rural independent telecom industry might benefit from sharing ideas and thoughts and developing a "best practices" guide for use now and in the future.

Cybersecurity: Protecting Our Networks

What resources and advisers do you recommend to protect your network and customers from hacking and cyber crime?

Broadband Funding

Is there a resource that compiles available funding and application process and requirements?

Robocall Rule Compliance

Looking for recommendations for the best resources or advisors to assist in implementing FCC robocall requirements

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