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Welcome To The Independent Forum

Welcome to the Independent Forum.  The website is in “Beta” mode, and you are among the few "friends and family" we've invited to preview it.  Although it's almost ready to open to the public, the site will never be static, and I’d welcome your comments and ideas for improvement now and on an ongoing basis.


I hope you'll explore the pages on the site, and that you'll consider helping to initiate discussions and dialogue on the Forum by posting an opinion, a question, or an idea, or by sharing information of interest to the rural telecom community and the communities served by rural broadband providers.  Please send your transmissions by posting in the comment section on any of the site pages, or by email to or to me at

Thanks for your encouragement, and thanks in advance for your questions, thoughts, ideas and feedback.

                                                                                          - Steve Kraskin

Comments, Suggestions, Questions

Please submit your comments, suggestions and questions here or transmit via email to



Breaking outside of the box with new ideas to:  increase revenues, reduce costs. 


An essential focus of the Independent Forum is the sharing of both new ideas and proven solutions to increase the rural broadband provider's profitability, efficiency, and community contributions. 


Post your ideas on the forum!

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